THEME: Knowledge Management for Libraries and Information Professionals

VENUE: NSPRI Guest House, 32/38, Barikisu Off UNILAG Rd., Onitiri, Yaba, Lagos

DATE: September 10th - 13th, 2018.
Fee: Participants based outside Nigeria $480 or Participants based in Nigeria N65,000



In light of the digital revolution, organizations around the world are grappling with a wide range of issues tied to how to best support the knowledge lifecycle – i.e., creating, capturing, describing, organizing, sharing, and promoting the re-use of knowledge. In this conference, we will focus on ways in which libraries and information centres can support the knowledge lifecycle through knowledge management. We will start with an overview of background information and theory before moving into practical strategies and tactics libraries can use to get started with knowledge management. The third session will focus on taxonomy development – an area which is often the jumping-off point for libraries to delve into knowledge management. The conference will include a mix of presentations, hands-on activities, and small and large group discussions.


Conference Objective

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss ways in which special libraries can integrate knowledge management services into their portfolio of services and programs
  • Illustrate how knowledge management techniques rooted in organizational culture can complement technology-based approaches
  • Draft a plan to develop an organizational taxonomy
  • Discuss new opportunities and roles for librarians and information professionals within the context of knowledge management and the digital environment

Conference Agender

In the first session, we will start by focusing on key concepts, definitions, and frameworks used within knowledge management. Specific topics will include:

  • What is knowledge management? Definitions and frameworks
  • Introduction to knowledge management systems
  • Importance of organizational culture in knowledge management
  • Common challenges and complexity of knowledge management

  • The second session will be used to discuss the roles of libraries/information centres in supporting knowledge management:
  • Similarities and differences between knowledge management work and traditional librarianship
  • Connections between digital asset management, content management, and knowledge management
  • Strategies for identifying “hidden” knowledge within an organization
  • Libraries and digital curation
  • The third session will focus on taxonomies, an area where most libraries kick-off their knowledge management work. We will discuss key considerations and learn practical skills needed to get started with taxonomy work at your organization:

  • How, where, and why taxonomies are used
  • Roles and responsibilities for taxonomy development and ongoing maintenance
  • Traditional cataloging work compared to metadata and taxonomies
  • Developing and testing taxonomy terms
  • User tags and folksonomies
  • Long-term issues: ongoing maintenance, governance and administration of taxonomies
  • Highlights of emerging trends and topics: the Semantic Web


Who Should Attend:

Librarians, Library Officers, Lecturers, ICT staff, knowledge management specialists etc in Universities, Polytechnics Colleges of Education and Special Libraries


ACCOMMODATION: This Conference is non-residential. Participants are to lodge in hotels of their choice near the conference centre. A list of these Hotels will be provided on request.


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